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Re: What to sell a GTA for?

Originally Posted by YumikoGTA View Post
So this would then mean that we should not sell our GTAs because someday we will become older and it will be at that time that we will then already have our GTA and not have to pay a lot of money for it.

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Re: What to sell a GTA for?

Well I think of it in this way. I drive my GTA maybe ten or twenty times per year, depending on the weather during the year, and so I spend very little bit on the fuel throughout each year. I also do not have to buy a lot of things for it since I do not drive it much like tune up stuff and things like that. I also do not pay for parking expenses, bridge tolls, etc. either. So you can only imagine how much I would spend if I drove my GTA as much as a regular car.

I keep a listing of all of the expenses that I have each year for my GTA and it is always average $1,000 per each year. This includes registration, smog testing, insurances, fuel and stuff like oil changing, coolant, etc. throughout each year. And I only drive my GTA between 700 and 1,000 miles each year.

So I analyze this information and I can see that after ten years I would have spent $10,000 just to have my GTA and drive it about take it out to drive between ten and twenty times for each year. Now think about if I drove this car like a normal car, how much more would I spend per year?

Also this does not include all of the money that I spent to replace everything to make it like new again. This $1,000 is only to keep it maintained after I spent several several thousand dollars during the restoration process. And the last time I purchased new tires for it was in 2004. The tires are like new because I have only driven it about 8,000 miles since then and since it is always in the garage except if it gets out for some drive, it is in the late afternoon, evening or at night. I realize now how the sun really effects the condition of the tires. The tires look like brand new even after nine years now. If my GTA was driven a lot like a regular car, the tires would have to be replace more often and that can be expensive since I only allow Goodyear ZR rated tires to be on my GTA.

After twenty years I would have spend $20,000 just to have it and drive it very little bit, and that is if nothing goes wrong and needs to be replaced.

So it may be nice to think about keeping it around for many years but.....it is much more logical to get rid of it and put the money in something that earns interest. But now we come to the same place as why I restored it, because it is special to me because of some reasons like my first car, it was new when I got it, I came to America to go to college when I first got it and these are some of my most happy memories and driving in my GTA now brings back to me these fond memories, etc. It is for these reasons I still have my GTA because if none of this happened, I would not even consider to restore it or even have it today because of the annual $1,000 minimum cost to just have it in my garage.

Love like you have never been hurt before.

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Re: What to sell a GTA for?

My buddy at work (who races late models on the side) and I have a saying: Sometimes responsible and sense aren't much fun.

You are like most of us here, we love GTAs or we wouldn't bother with this page. Or, try to make sense of putting money/time into 21+ year old cars for a few miles a year...

To me, when I sit in one of my GTAs, they bring me a lot of happiness and an escape from "normal" life.
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