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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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Re: Auto Dimming/adjusting mirror question.

I wish I got 25mpg like on the sticker, not even close!
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Re: Auto Dimming/adjusting mirror question.

Originally Posted by southgta View Post
I wish I got 25mpg like on the sticker, not even close!
I am lucky to see 16.
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Corp Z
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Re: Auto Dimming/adjusting mirror question.

Originally Posted by Wes View Post
I am lucky to see 16.
I thought my car was just running poorly. Im lucky too see 400 Km's out of a tank of gas. Passes everything but a gas station.
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Re: Auto Dimming/adjusting mirror question.

When my car was running, I got between 16-20 mpg, depending on how heavy the right foot was.

Cliff Jones
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on the original motor!!!!
Time of Death on motor, 4:07pm on 05/29/2010.
Best et: 13.959@97.05mph
Best mph: 98.3
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Re: Auto Dimming/adjusting mirror question.

There are a lot of factors involved with fuel consumption. It could be the quality of the fuel that you are using. Poor quality of fuel could be the cause. I remember when they started to put in the MTBE into the fuel in the middle 1990s, I was lucky if my GTA would get two hundred miles from a full tank of fuel. So fuel is one possibility.

Other possibilities include if your car is not properly adjusting to the altitude where you are driving. In the Middle 1990s I experienced this one also with my GTA. It would run much better during the times that I was driving on trips where I was at higher elevations then where I am usually driving on a daily basis. The computer is supposed to adjust this automatically.

If your GTA has any modifications done to it, that will also have an impact on your fuel consumption.

Another issue that one other member said was the habit in which you are driving. If you are always speeding around, that will cause your fuel consumption to go down. Also where you drive will have an effect on your GTAs fuel consumption. If you are always in stop and go traffic, gridlock on the freeways, and driving on a lot of mountain roads where the roads are all very hilly, that will take a lot of fuel.

Lastly, another problem could be that the engine is wearing out and perhaps it no longer has the compression that it used to have.

You can have a complete tune up on your engine and see if that changes anything. Personally, I would think it may be an indication that your GTA engine is showing signs of wear and tear over the years by the bad fuel consumption.

I have not taken my GTA out for a long drive in many years now, so I can only remember that with a full tank of fuel when I drove to San Diego on I-5, I got about 330 miles with one tank of fuel and I still had some fuel left when I stopped to get more fuel. And this trip includes driving up a very steep mountain called the GrapeVine. This trip was right after we completed the entire rebuilding project. So my GTA was like new at that time without any modifications from the way it was assembled at the factory.

Love like you have never been hurt before.

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