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GTA DOCUMENTATION/RESEARCH Want to ask about your GTA's documentation, build codes, or other historical data? Then post it HERE!

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Re: GTA Authenticity Question

'87s, I believe, only had the gold birds in the center caps. I think the "WS6" centers were '88-up. The gold tail bird, though, was GTA-specific, but is also easy to change.
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Re: GTA Authenticity Question

A few questions that I have, did the GTA models come with 140 mph speedometers and 8,000 maximum rpm tachometers as standard equipment?

And about the 1987 rims, the dimples are not the only difference that I have seen in the 1987 rims compared to the other years of rims. There are some design variations between 1987 and all the rest of them. In 1992 I had this idea to buy a new rim from GM so I could have a spare tire that would be full sized. So I purchased a new rim from them but I noticed that there was some design differences between the new 1987 rim that I purchased in 1992 from the GM dealership and the original rims that came on my GTA when it was new in 1987. The difference was not the dimples. There are two other differences that are very obvious and I am wondering why there are physical differences between the original rims that came with my GTA in 1987 and original style rims purchased in 1992 from the GM Dealership. My idea is that the manufacturer of the rims may have changed between the two time periods and when this change occured, there were some small design differences. All GTA rims that I have ever seen regardless of years have all been manufactured in Japan. (The third brake light on my GTA was manufactured in Italy, just to let you know that many parts of these cars were made in other places around the world, shipped to America and assembles at the GM plants).

And about the rim center caps, my GTA came new with the gold bird center caps so....unless they were switched at the dealership, this is what new 1987 GTAs came with.

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Re: GTA Authenticity Question

1987 GTA's only had the gold firebird medallion on the center cap. Don't know about other variations of 87 firebirds.
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Re: GTA Authenticity Question

are your emblems new looking or do they look like the originals?

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