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Help Me Please Turning Noise(clunk)-"88 GTA

Whenever I turn into my driveway(for example), I get this clunk sound from the front. i was told all 3rd. Gens do that. Also told that its my Strut tower bearing needs replaced. Do I go to a Parts Store & inquire about them or go to a GM dealer???

Thanks in adsvance----hydraulicdave
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Re: Turning Noise(clunk)-"88 GTA

i'd check your ball joints actually. i had that problem for a few months after owning my car, eventually the clunk got worse and when parkin, my wheel would stay turned once i straightened out the wheel (the other wheel came straight). turned out to be a lower ball joint. Make sure that if that's the case to check your steering knuckle, the drill on mine was ovaled out as well as it had a decent groove worn in the thing. other than that i've got nothing, i just know that after i fixed that, no more noise. also make sure you get an alignment done after you fix it
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Re: Turning Noise(clunk)-"88 GTA

could be as simple as a sway bar link too
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Re: Turning Noise(clunk)-"88 GTA

I had a similar problem also, and it was my ball joints.


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Re: Turning Noise(clunk)-"88 GTA

Yep, that what it sounds like to me. As for the strut mnt bushing up top, just go to your local parts store( one who carries MOOG chassis parts) and get one from there. That could also be the source of your problem if they are bad.

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