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GTA NON-TECH Got a question about non-mechanical items related to your GTA.... whatever they may be? Then post it HERE!

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Making a 91 T/A vert into a GTA

Well i will have my 88 gta sold and have a bunch of parts leftover.The 91 vert is white with the gold gta wheels so i would only have to add badges and a few things to the interior.Now i know they never produced these and i would NEVER try to pass this car off as an original,but i still think it would look neat.I have both an 87 and 88 GTA steering wheels in nice shape and a GTA map pocket.I can get the badges real easy from a friend that just painted his white gta to black.The main reason i would do this is because i hate white cars (no offense) and thought this would make the car look a little more interesting.They only made 555 verts that year so its not like i can wait for the next one to come along,especially not at this price.And a paint job would be out of the question for a year or 2.Your thoughts would be great.Again i would never try to sell this car as an original gta vert.Thanks,chris.
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Re: Making a 91 T/A vert into a GTA

Well, it's all up to you. It's your car, and you can do whatever you want with it. Personally, I wouldn't do it just because of the fact that a GTA in 91 and 92 has very few differences with a regular fully loaded Trans Am, so it's basically just a "sticker" package, and there really isn't much of a point. If you think about, a "base" 305/Auto GTA would be less equipped than a regular Trans Am with all the GTA standard options (including the L98/Auto) plus other options such as leather seats, CD player, etc.

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Re: Making a 91 T/A vert into a GTA

The main reason is because its white and the gold emblems with the gold gta wheels already on it would look alot better than just boring white but i see what your saying.My 88 will be sold this saturday and instead of getting this car i am really considering a 6 speed LT1 T/A.
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Re: Making a 91 T/A vert into a GTA

I say go for it. It sounds like it would be a fun project to do. And besides if it helps keep you interested in the car, and the hobby itself, than what harm is it doing? None! Go for it!
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Re: Making a 91 T/A vert into a GTA

You'll only need three of the emblems to do a convertible "re-badge". The nose emblem and the two fender emblems are all that is required.

Those cars look great in GTA guise... it's too bad the factory did not offer them that way. I once saw a 1992 T/A convertible that was black-on-black leather with the gold wheels and badges added and it was stunning.... I mean mouth-hanging-open nice. I could have bought it for $12K....
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