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Question Anyone know af any GTA jackets?

With Fall coming on soon, I can't be the only one out there who would love to have a GTA Jacket to wear around town. Does anyone out there know where we could get a one? Someone out there has to make one, we just have to get hooked up with the right person. Hey Frankie, is there a GTA Source page shirt, jacket or anything? Just kinda curious to see if I am the only one out here who would like to show my colors.....
Thanks, Joe.

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Patches on Ebay

I do not know anyone who has GTA jackets, however you can make your own. I always see GTA patches (same as nose emblem) for sale on Ebay. The seller is carmotorsports.com. Visit their site or Ebay to see the patches they sell. (they have every color) You could sew that patch on any jacket. Of course it is not very large, but is ideal for left or right chest areas. Hope this information helps...................at least you have an alternative.

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Joe, you're definitely not the only one who'd like to have something like that to show your "GTA Colors". I believe that the patches that CAR Motorsports is selling can be made pretty large. I know they can stitch on the underhood insulators, so in theory they could also stitch a large patch as well. i know the shop that does all my "GTA Spotlight" stuff for me can go pretty large.

Yes, there are also GTA Source Page shirts, hats, and other items (fannypacks, attaches, etc.) that can be available... but I've refrained from that because I didn't want people to think I was trying to make money of The Source Page. All the stuff that I have has the actual GTA logo on it, but I'm only allowed by PMD to use that logo on things for myself and only on items that promote my website. I can not use it on any items that are for sale to other parties without going through the proper GM licensing channels. But if you just want something that says "The GTA Source Page" on it... that can be accomplished quite simply.

But again, profit is not in theory what this all is about. Most, if not all, of the other sites on the Web have always come down to matters of dollars and cents... with sponsors and all. Usually, it either ends badly, in poor taste, or both.

I've also not had paying sponsors because I don't want to necessarily be tied to any one company, product, or opinion simply by that party monetarily supporting this website. The website has to rise above all that, for it is the enthusiasts that I want to reach with all this. They alone will keep the GTA hobby going in the coming years as our cars age gracefully.

A good example is the repro emblem situation that is currently going on. I've assisted Dave Clee in Australia on some items and I've done the same for Alan Faircloth at CAR Motorsports. But my object is to be able to show owners that there is not just one option available to them when they want to replace their emblems; the competition makes the hobby stronger as a whole. Basically, I want to ensure that all the owners out there like yourself are as informed as they can be when it come to these cars whether it's their history.... their documentation.... or the array of quality replacment parts that are available. There's no charge necessary to help get the right info out to the right people; in that situation, we all benefit. And that's the whole idea, anyway....

Enough preaching now. Off the soapbox....
Frankie Rider, 2
The GTA Source Page

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