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GTA TECH Want to discuss technical topics about your GTA.... engine tuning, mechanical upgrades, problem areas, etc.? Then post it HERE!

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I wasn't implying that semis would be good drag vehicles. However, I have seen semis race. Without a load those things move well considering their weight and aerodynamics. There is a point when horsepower becomes just as important as torque. But on the street, torque wins races.
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I just saw this thread. I've been trying to ignore this side of forum for a while. I once had a very nice 88 GTA and before that an 84 L69 and before a 78 6.6TA/WS6 (sniff sniff, I miss them all, got older, needed more room, something to abuse throwing snowboards in and all 83 Caprice Wagon). Anyways, oooh ooh pituey I'll give you a brand new Edelbrock dual plane and quadrajet setup for your complete TPI top end.

Has the computer ever flagged any codes?
Are you sure? Is the Service bulb out? Is the fuse to the computer good?

That will always be the starting point.

Going beyond that and just replacing parts is awefully expensive.

Ahh (I just read back some) it did flag the MAF, but does the Service light come on (bulb out or wire broken from computer). You replaced the MAF still driveability problems. What's the condition of the connector and the wires at and from the MAF (try to trace back as far as you can), look okay? If the computer still flags MAF errors, the problem is the burnoff relay to the MAF (there's a second MAF relay I just forgot what it does). The relays are located on the firewall left side near the vacuum booster with a couple other relays (second MAF, fuel pump relay and behind it a flat pack which is the relays for the headlight doors).
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