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Need help

Well, I've consulted some of my friends in regards to your delema and I must say, I got some really good feed back, so much that I don't think I could list all of your options here. Seriously, it will make more sense to buy a GTA from Mr. Frankie's site and use the one you already have for parts, even if the pickings are slim. You might be able to salvage a lug nut here or a kick panel there, but that's about it. About rarety. Even I love GTA soooo much, I have to face the facts that we aren't talking about real vintage muscle cars. The United States isn't making real vintage muscle cars since smog devices were incorporated into the vehicle equations. Beautiful designs are of the past now. Look around when you are on the freeway. Most of all cars I see that are new, I rather walk! So vehicles are now a changed product. Rare to me is like a 65' Newport, or a 70' heme convertable with a four speed manual transmission, or a 68' Coronet 440, etc. I really believe that a rare Firebird worth restoring in the amount you are looking at doing to your GTA , is the 67' Firebird, you know the only one with wing windows ever built factory, smog exempt and as my friends quoted: built when a passenger side airbag was a mother-in-law.

Anyways, good luck with your project. If you want me to list more of suggestions from the people I ask about, just let me know cause some of them are very original. Yumiko
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