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Re: 1989 GTA won't start. Help!!!

Originally Posted by 1989 View Post
I'm new to this forum and need to post a question about my 1989 GTA. It's not starting at all now and all summer it would start cold but not re-start after stopping. Now it won't even start. I've ran the codes with a paper clip and and got a 34 and 22 so I cleaned maf and cleaned throttle body and tps and reset it to .543 I VERIFIED FUEL PRESSURE. at 44 and have spark but even with starting fluid it won't stay running any ideas like many the pressure regulator and how to test it thanks for your help
I don't know much about these cars but I can say from other make/models I've worked on in the past over the years, starter fluid can and usually does ruin sensors on modern cars. Where exactly are you shooting this into the intake? Before the MAF? If so, you may have damaged the MAF, among other sensors. Remember, these aren't a 70' Charger or a 69' Mustang, etc. These cars got sensors and IMO are a major PITA to work on, period!

Also you mention that you've cleaned the throttle body. If you've removed components from it and then reinstalled, you got to be sure and get them all reinstalled within specs. (sounds like you know what you're doing though since you set this stuff and verified per your post). Me personally, I wouldn't want to be tasked with trouble shooting one of these though. Me and electronics don't get along. Good luck.

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