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Re: Leaving Ohio off to SF

Originally Posted by 1badGTA View Post
Yeah it is sold and I will miss it but not a lot. I am rarely on the boards anymore. I am settled in walnut creek and happy with it. going to change cell service since mine (cricket) is strong in Ohio but not here. I may switch to T-mobile as I hear it is very solid here. Family is moving as was back home last week for the 4th and we were just packing so much. As far as crime I lived in DC before and I know it is not as bad as there.
I can't believe you sold her. Oh well, it's your car and decision. Wonder if the new owner will be on this site some time. You going to get another one some day? It seems harder and harder to get these cars. I've been looking for a few months and having a time finding anything decent. May have to change my strategy up and get something that will require more work then I was planning or optioned a way I wasn't looking for (t-top, vert, etc.) May also have to perhaps buy something a little more over my initial planned budget since most of these cars are going for more then I was planning to spend.
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