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Decision Time-Which GTA to Drive This Year?

It's the time of year plates and insurance are due on the GTAs.

With that in mind, I think I'm only plating my 91 GTA. I haven't used it since 2002. Long story short, I did a ton of work to it in 2011, it runs like a champ and only has 40K original miles.

It needs some work though.

Heater core.
Windshield (My fault).
Some paint work (my biggest concern-finding someone who can do it correctly).
Power Antenna.
No A/C. Yeah, I know, I'm a pussy but I have to have it. Black GTA in the summer is no fun when it's a 95+ degrees. Plus, wife said if we take it to TA Nats it has to have A/C. I agree.
And, it has a 'miss' that I've never been able to find.

Needs a full blown detail, which I love to do. It's never been done 'right' and I know it'll look killer when done.

It's has the SLP parts on it also. Runs well for what it is. I love the way this car sounds, it has the same SLP headers/exhaust the 92 Firehawks had. It's throaty yet not loud.

Any way, I'll try to post updates here. Along with pictures of the progress. Should be fun. My goal it to have it ready for TA Nats. Probably won't show it, but at least my man GTABill won't be the only 91 GTA there next year !
1991 GTA, SLP Perfomance Package
1989 GTA, 26K Original Miles
1988 GTA, Stock

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