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Talking Re: hard start and intermittant miss

Originally Posted by merc3065
I have a funny feeling you might be in for a surprise when those vortec style heads don't bolt to your TPI intake...

The Vortec style bolt pattern is completely different than the stock SBC gen 1 bolt pattern.

Also, the vortecs are not emissions legal on a thirdgen. You need to have an external EGR.

Check out this article...

Chevy Hi Performance Article on SD TPI Vortec Intake manifold
We will see. I specifically asked the shop guys and the sales guy about reusing the stock TPI manifold. I did this over the phone and in writing. They both said that the heads are drilled for the stock style TPI intake. I am aware of the emissions issue, but around here all they do is a visual inspection. Car has all of the other emissions equipment installed and working. correctly, so all I will be missing is a working EGR. Who knows, maybe there will be a new set of aluminum Vortec heads up for sale in the near future.
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