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Looking to Buy One

I have always been a 3rd Gen Fanatic, for as long as I can remember, long before I knew what a 3rd Gen was, or even the difference between a formula/t-a/gta.

I remember taking a small handful of trips over an hour out of town when I was seventeen (in an 89 tempo) just to LOOK at an 89 GTA they had on the lot for 2500 (which was way out of my price range then, sadly).

Now, I am finally in a position to maybe pick one up. But I need your guys' help!

How do I ensure that this is, in fact, a GTA? I know to look for the steering-radio-controls, no fender vents, etc. I know what the body should look like, more or less.

But about the engine: an 88 GTA could be a 5.0 or a 5.7? or just a 5.7?

I don't intend to purchase without first obtaining a CARFAX...but what else can the VIN tell me?

Also, this SPID thing: I don't suppose it is a simple matter to find in someone else's vehicle unless they are particularly accomodating?

Do I understand right, it's stuck to the interior of the plastic molding between the fronts seats? Behind the gear-shift? I would have to remove that, flip it up, and hope it's there?

I am looking at an 88 GTA (white) as a starting point.

Finally, am I right in the understanding there were only 1200 or so built for Canada in that year?

Cheers guys! Thanks for the help!

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