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Re: My SLP T-RAM install

Originally Posted by budfreak1 View Post
Your making me want to hit a dyno or 1/4 mile track so bad it is ridiculous. I'd love to know what kind of power I'm putting down with the SuperRam and all my mods.
What size injectors did you use and what are all of your mods Fred?
Bud I'm pretty sure your car and my car will perform similarly if you also have stock heads and cam. The Super Ram is basically the same principle as the T-RAM. Here's my mod list:

SLP Cold Air intake
SLP 2OTL catback exhaust
Holley 52mm Throttle Body
Dyno Don 1 3/4 inch headers, coated
Dual high Flow cats
Comp 981 valve springs
Ford D9B 22# injectors
Accel AFPR set at 50psi
Timing set to 6*
Rebuilt 10-bolt rear with 3.42 gears
Trans Go shift kit
MSD Blaster coil
MSD cap/rotot
MSD 8.5 wires
Stock AC Delco R45TS spark plugs
Custom tuning by me

I'm also going to be putting on a set of GMPP 1.6 roller rockers soon, and am contemplating a cam swap to the TPIS Super L98 camshaft...

220/220 duration
.420/.420 lift with 1.5 rockers (.470/.470 with 1.6 rockers)
112 LSA

1991 Trans Am GTA... Hopefully again
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