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Re: GTA Price Guide?

Usually I do not spend my time posting on weekdays since I am very busy during this time of the week. But after I have been reading these posts that whoever this is that wrote them on the weekend, I want to post my reply to this as soon as I can.

So these are absolutely crazy things that you have said. I have to read everything to try and understand it so it took a little bit of time for me to completely do this. I do not even have to mention the obvious false things that you wrote like I am a your friend, a guy and that I was in a military.

I can talk about the other things such as your motive for saying these things, it is obviously you have chosen me to say these things about because I am living in your general area, as you are in San Jose of the San Francisco Bay Area, as I am also, which you learned from reading my posts on this forum. And after you write all of this stuff you say that I should post a photograph of my family together. Obviously so you can get a photograph of me and know what I look like, what my husband looks like and what my daughter looks like. This is one of the reasons we do not have a facebook, because of people stalking like what it seems you are doing to me on this form. I was slightly careless in the past years and did not think there was a danger when I posted photographs of myself, especially when I first came on this forum when we finished restoring my GTA. And about two years ago I posted a photograph of my daughter and I together that was taken of us during Halloween. Also a few years ago, I posted a photograph of my GTA on Highway 1 and my husband was standing behind it looking at me while I was taking the photograph. So now I am definitely not going to put my family photograph on line now just because you are accusing me of being a man and instructing me to put them on to prove something to you. This is your motive and it will not work on me.

In the beginning you also called my GTA a clone, because why? Because you see the photographs that I posted on this forum of my car in places and you notice that I do not have the GTA emblems on my car except for the one on the front? So you say that my GTA is a clone because of that. Many years ago, I send a photograph of my GTAs RPO sticker to the owner of this forum and he has seen the proper code for the GTA option on it. So you are wrong about that also. However, in your previous posting, you mention my GTA is now real. So you changed your mind about that for some reason. Another inconsistency on your story.

You also mention that my car is a second owner car. Well whoever I sell my GTA to in the future, will see that it has only been owned by one person as the DMV records and carfax reports shall prove this and this is the only thing that matters, not your crazy story. In the end the people can believe your story or they can believe me. My life will continue regardless and you will continue to be a troubled person who has some type of sickness which you should get professional help for because it could be dangerous.

All these crazy things you have wrote. I simply can not even go online to a forum and share my experiences with owning my GTA from when it was new to provide help to others who have the same car but do not know much about them. I have never attempted to sell any parts of cars on this forum to any of the members and I have not even tried to sell my own car on this forum. So I do not understand why you make a point to say “buyer beware”. So many things you are saying that is not true, this gives me a headache.

Instead I have to worry about constantly someone like you on the internet that causes trouble to me, calling me your friend that is a guy, to call my GTA a clone, telling me to put photographs of my family on the internet and causing me to think that you are some type of dangerous stalker or something. It is too bad because I enjoy sharing my experiences of my GTA with people who truly are looking for help on this forum. This is the only forum I have ever been a member of, even though people have asked me to join their forum and even some of them met me throughout the years that ask me to go to their car club meetings when they see me with my GTA at gas stations.

So now it is obvious that I can not even be comfortable talking about my experiences with my GTA and sharing information about it without someone like you bothering me on even simply a forum.

Love like you have never been hurt before.
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