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Re: GTA Price Guide?

Originally Posted by 1988_GTA View Post
Because you are a fraud and you are very much a MAN not a WOMEN and you have been playing a game with the people here for years. This is about me finding out you are a guy I was in the Navy with in Japan.


Bought 87 GTA in San Mateo Cal. 1990 50K plus on the odometer at a used car lot
You are the second owner
Yes you did the work on your car everything close to a frame off restoration
You painted your car at least two times since 1990
Not sure why you needed to play a oriental women in order for people respect your post.
Lastly I have a second source who can vouch everything I have mentioned. Infact he told me all kinds of things about you on a flight from Chicago to LAX.
Dude you are almost 48 years old living in ______, California so enough of your lies and just come out of the closet.

Why have I made such accusations? Mainly the principle once I started reading some of your post and I realized our mutual acquaintance was telling the truth.
Obviously you have mixed me up with someone else. Or something is wrong with you like your a stalker or something. I guess you do not have anything better to do with your life.

Love like you have never been hurt before.
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