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Re: 1987 gta convertible???

Originally Posted by JonBlake View Post
In regards to the 6th digit in the vin, I did a little research on this site and it is noted that the 2 represents a 2 door coup. I don't see any indication that there were any other numbers used for the 6th digit in the vin. Can you provide a link that states what a 3 for the 6th digit on one of these third gens would indicate? Maybe others on this forum can also elaborate a bit about this. From what I'm seeing so far, the 6th digit with a 2 indicates 2 door coup and nothing else or anything other. I think it would be safe to say that all third gens from the factory for consumers were only 2's on the 6th digit.
The 6th digit of the VIN starting in 87 could be a "3" denoting convertible started in 87 through 92 on the Camaro lineup. This meant the car was going to ASC for the conversion & was built on the line as a ttop (CC1 RPO CODE) for extra strength by GM. I own an 87, and a 89 IROC convertible. My 87 is a "2" VIN code because it was converted by ASC prior to signing the contract with ASC. My 89 is a VIN 3 code & was always slated to be a convertible & shows convertible on tge title, whereas my 87 shows a "coupe" on the title.
On the Bird lineup, the 6th digit on tge VIN never reflected a VIN 3 UNTIL 1991 & 1992.& do carry the the VIN 3 as well as CC1.
So in short:
1987-1992 Camaro lineup
1991 - 1992 Firebird lineup
To be a "factor"y convertible even though GM never produced a convertible in house.
Some say this is just Symantecs on ASC vs GM. In my eyes if ASC did the conversion no matter what the 6th digit says it's a factory conversion.
There is also documentation out there that the dealer network had ASC in place to drop ship cars to ASC for $4,990 to fulfill the convertible program in 1989 for the Firebird lineup.
Possibly someone else can explain better but unless the title says convertible the insurance companies don't see a convertible, they just see a couoe.
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