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Re: 1987 gta convertible???

Originally Posted by Gottabekidding View Post
There is a difference between a "factory convertible" and a "dealer optioned convertible"

Dealerships would get vehicles and send them out to ASC to be converted, then sold as new.
GM would assign an RPO code to have the vehicle sent out to ASC for conversion.
Since there is no central database of what dealership did what, you would have to rely on ASC's numbers.
I do not think their records separate GTA's or Trans Am's from the rest of the Firebird they converted.

There has only been 1 year that GM assigned a RPO code to a GTA to be converted.
In 1989 all Turbo Trans Am's were GTA's.
I believe that 1, 2 or 3 TTA's had the RPO code for conversion from GM.
I've yet to see this "RPO" code for an 89 convertible. What is the "code" because I thought only cars with the 6th digit of the VIN as a 3 also received a code.
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