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Re: 87-90 GTA Emblem Set

Originally Posted by 86TA355SR View Post
Can't remember which year that changed. I think it was 91 but not sure.

With a little searching, you may still be able to find some NOS emblems. Or I was fortunate...
Yeah, same here, I couldn't tell for sure what is or is not correct. One thing though, I had purchased one of the nose emblems at a yard sale months ago and it has the mounting strut on the back side and it also has this little nipple off to one side of that strut. I notice in the picture of the link in the beginning of this thread, the back side of the emblem there only has the strut and no nipple. In the description of this item, it does mention that these emblems are a GM licensed reproduction.

BTW-what do you mean by "proper peaked"?

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