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Re: Is your Diff black?

Originally Posted by YumikoGTA View Post
The differential on my GTA was painted black before it was put on. Because it was painted too good to be painted while it is in my GTA. No over spray or unevenly painted anywhere on it. Sure the dealership in the areas where it snows did undercoats the cars. But there is a large difference between the material that they use for undercoatings compared to painting.

I was looking at a Ford Mustang that was new at the dealership a few years ago. I was with someone who was the one that wanted to just looking at it there. So I looked and noticed that the differentials on the new Mustangs are not painted. I thought that it was cheap for the dealership to not paint that part, because it will rust badly when it is just exposed metal.

Maybe that is how they do it to the new cars now, but for sure I have never ever seen a differential in a GTA or other type of Firebird, Trans Am or Formula that was not painted black. Not one time ever.

Good info Yumiko!
You are very verbose. I like that
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