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Re: Found a close color to flame red

Originally Posted by andre#4 View Post
So, which is which???? I want to know.

The other thing is that sometimes people don't get the mix right for flame red. Sometimes it looks like drabby maroon like an old cadillac, sometimes it comes out like something you see on a hotrod. even the factory didn't get the mix right all the time. If I were gonna have any paint work done in flame red, I'd request a steel panel painted with the color before I approved it. Then, when I bought the paint, I'd mix it all together. (if 2 or 3 gallons were needed, I'd open them up and mix them all together again and again, to avoid the problem of variance between one gallon and another)

I just got a 87 with a carmine interior, with 1700 miles on it. I have wanted a carmine interior for 20 years. I only wish they made black gta with that interior, but flame red is good too. It is cool that you have the same colors as me. I wish I had the paddle mirrors. Mine was made in ohio, and analogue dash. I wonder if yours was made in ohio too? (I wonder if any carmine interiors came out of van nuys?)
The molding that was furthest away is inferno red

All I know is the first owner lived in Missouri, it had a little over 1,000 miles when it was first registered.
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