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Re: 87 - 89 Trans Am /GTA NOS Spoiler

Originally Posted by Fourthkid View Post
Not looking to install a fiberglass unit because they have their own set of problems, such as difficult attachment points and lack of precise fit. I have read forum entries where fiberglass units have had to be significantly reworked in order to fit correctly.
That very well could be, however, pretty much everything in life is like that. In all my hobbies, projects, work, etc. nothing went without a hitch. But in this application, once you've rework it to fit correctly, it's a done deal for good. The fiberglass units, as various owners with first hand experience have said on this forum and the third gen forum, won't rot out like the stock units always at some point do.

I'd just get the fiberglass unit, bite the bullet on massaging it into place correctly, and call it good. That's just my 2 cents though. Good luck. I'd be happier then a pig in slop just to have a GTA that I could put a spoiler on.

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