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Re: 1987 gta convertible???

Originally Posted by TTOP350 View Post
As said above, technically, GM never made a 3rdgen vert but when they were authorized through GM, a VIN digit was changed.
OKFOZ on has the numbers and helped me document my one of 43ish, 89 Formula 350 ASC vert.
Technicallythe 89 Verts were made for GM but as a promotional car & all still carried the VIN 2 (6th digit) rather than a 3 however for 89 on tte Bird lineup people consider these a "factory" vert. I have an 87 IROC vert that also has the "2" in the VIN (6th digit) as well as an 89 IROC vert with a 3 for the 6th digit.
You will realize when you are trying to insure these VIN 2 cars that a lace like Hagerty has no way to verify them as anything but a coupe. I spoke to them last week regarding this exact situation.
I don't care about a 2 or 3 as the 6th digit. As long as ASC built the convertible that's all I need.
The 89 Bird lineup seems to be the only one recognized buy the Bird guys on the forums due to the fact there are records from ASC to document the order date, delivery dare, dealership & zone as well as last 6 of the VIN. OKFOZ has done a great job with the paperwork & I spent quite a bit of time reading these documents last week.
My 87 IROC was possibly one shipped off the lot to ASC but will not know anything until someone comes up with documentation. Instead of mine being a 6th digit VIN 3 car (available for 87 Camaro lineup) it is a VIN 2 car & carries a Special Edition badge of 103 on the dash. It is an ASC car though, so good enough for me.
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