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Re: Take a look at this hack job...

Originally Posted by merc3065
Anyhow, it's time for ME to chime in and say that this thread has wandered off MY topic. Start a new thread or PMs...

Just was a ask for some quick help in helping decide whether or not an ebay ad was going to be a good choice to start on a project with my dad. Not a chance for everyone to come out and start talking about OTHER cars.

I appreciate all the information and witty banter that has been tossed around but I think that it's a "little" too far from my original post on the topic of the 92 convertible that was hacked up to look like a knight rider.

Thanks for everyone's input but the auction is over and someone else is the owner of the project car in question.
Are you serious Merc? This site will have threads that get less then 10 responses or will sit for a week before someone chimes in. This thread has seen in excess of 65 posts in just a couple of days. The conversations also are directly related to your original post and it's fair to say that this wouldn't have gone as far as it did had it not been for the "hack job" comment that you started with. If Frankie has a problem with it, then I can gladly go elsewhere but I don't see any harm in hashing out our differences in a thread that was the root of the argument to begin with.

Also ... not that we did here but who hasn't hijacked a thread at the source page before? It's what we do around here


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