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Re: Im Real!

Maybe its the smokers package or a light package for the interior? Or maybe it was a bottle of "factory carwash" lol

As for what I meant about the firebirds only being built in the US, its the entire firebird lineup, GTA, Trans Am, Firebird, Formula, they were only built in the USA and then exported around the world. Bunch were exported to dealers up here in Canada, I dont think any were originally sold in Japan as an example. People would have had to privately import them from the US and bring them into the country. I do know however that some Camaros were dealer sold in Germany and other european countries, hence the paddle mirrors because it was a safety requirement for export to the european countries, same with the taillights, they HAVE to include an orange turn signal in most countries over there, which is why its next to impossible to see 4th gen firebirds over in Ireland for example.
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