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Originally Posted by merc3065
The firebirds were only ever made in the US and exported around the world.
I am unsure what your meaning is. I have seen one real GTA in Japan. I saw about 20 Firebirds in Japan and some of the owners of them that I was able to talk with said they were GTAs, but I could tell that they were just plain Firebirds. For some odd reason, most of the Japanese guys think that all Firebirds are GTAs. Not sure exactly why that is, but that is what I have experienced while home visiting. Perhaps to the Japanese in Japan it does not matter a Firebird or GTA, because all American imported sports cars are sold in Japan for very high prices, and to maintain them with replacement parts will cost so so much also. In other words, in Japan to have a Firebird or a GTA, there is not difference, they both will cost a forture to have, drive and maintain. Perhaps this may be the reason they are all considered "GTAs." But I really do not know. Yumiko
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