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Re: Good Deal On Some Slp Runners!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Fred91GTA
No no, that was the first design SLP runner. The new design which is what you have now all have the same runner tubes. Just that all the runners are siamesed equally. Just enlarge your ports and the siamese to get more upper rpm hp.

IMHO, the hands down best long tube runners are the AS&M semi-siamesed runners. These things are huge and have the same basic design as the SLP runner new design, but extend the siamese about halfway down. I have a set too... Just finishing up the polish work on them...
So the bigger the port the better right? I was thinking about doing some thing like these guy in TGO ill post the wedsite right know. But tell me if his porting looks good please. Where do you get yours polished at?
Heres the link.

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