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Re: 1987 gta convertible???

*GM also never made a SSR convertible, that was ASC as well as the Sunbird, Toyota Celica & others. ASC was heavily involved with quite a few automakers until Fritz passed away. ASC expanded & expanded only to go bankrupt & sell subsidiaries off after Mr. Fritz passed away. There is little documentation of when ASC signed the contract with ASC (probably 2nd quarter of 87) for the Camaro lineup & I've personally spoken with some of the top executives when ASC was in its hayday who are still around but they just don't have recollection of time lines & numbers & no hard paperwork. Luckily Okfoz was able to get some solid documentation for the 1989 model year & that helps seal the 1989 model year as a program car on the Firebird lineup.
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