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Re: 1987 gta convertible???

Originally Posted by rarebmx View Post
I've yet to see this "RPO" code for an 89 convertible. What is the "code" because I thought only cars with the 6th digit of the VIN as a 3 also received a code.
Not sure if there would be such a code, from what I've researched over a number of months, no verts came from Pontiac. From the best of my knowledge, vert orders were received from dealerships and cars were then sent off to some outside company (ASC or something like that) and they did the conversion there. I think there is a sticker in the door jam on the cars that had this done to them. I know there's many owners/enthusiasts out there on this forum that can provide the actual facts about it. But this is what I've gathered thus far in my research on these cars.
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