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Talking 1991 gta

I have a 1991 GTA that has been having an overheating issue. It only overheats when it isn't moving. If I am driving down the highway I usually don't have any issues with it overheating.

I have had this car for almost 10 years now. I bought it when I was 14, it had front end damage and I redid that along with the interior of the car.

My question is, what is a problem like this typically linked to? Is it the relay, the temp sensor....Not really sure. I currently don't have the space to work on the car much so it sits in my storage unit a majority of the time. I have tossed the idea of just hardwiring my fans to a toggle switch, how difficult is this task?

2nd question, the car has about 130,000 miles on it, and the motor is in huge need of a rebuilt. What kind of rebuild should I do with this? The 700R4 transmission was rebuilt about 5 years ago and a shift kit and a corvette servo was installed in it. What would a stock rebuild for this engine run me cost wise? What would a rebuild beefing the motor up with some more performance parts run me? and how much gain could I get performance wise, I don't want to do anything too crazy that the rebuilt tranny couldn't handle.

I have been tossing back and forth what I want to do with this car for quite some time. Just looking for some ideas from others and what they have done with their cars.

Thanks in advance!
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