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Re: Which Torque Converter for 1991 GTA, 5.7L?

Originally Posted by GTAGUY65
well I know this is an old post but my two cents is if your going to keep a stock cam and the motor close to stock stay close to the original stall, I think that the original stall for my stock torque converter was 1340 stall, now when I had the transmission rebuilt I was back and forth I think they were going to put a 1500 stall in it but I changed it to the 2000 stall speed. well with the stock application I wish I would have stayed with the 1500. these 350's have a lot of low end torque IMO I felt I lost some of that snap on a regular take off. but on a aggressive take off I get a second gear scratch and a good snap there! but I usually drive normal and like I said I lost some of that power to the ground feel unless it is an aggressive start.

The only way to only way to truly know, would have to been to get a base line before you put the stall in and then go back to the track and run again and see if it slowed you down or not. "Usually" you will pick up some quicker et's. tey say at least a few tenths.

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