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Re: hard start and intermittant miss

Well, I replaced the plug wires and examined the plugs. All of the plugs were clean, with the exception of the area where the injector shoots in the fuel. They were all a dark brown in that spot. Basically still running the same, poorly. It appears to be a bit better, but still not right. I think I will just drive it for a while to let all of the new parts and the ECM readjust. I have 18 - 19 inches of vacumn so I dont think there is a leak, but I will try spraying carb cleaner around the intake area to see if the idle changes. My fuel pressure is about 44 psi with the vacumn line disconnected. Any benefit to turning it up a bit? What should the minimum pressure be with the vacumn connected? Unfortunately, this is starting to look mechanical. When I get some time I will run a compression test and see what that looks like. More to follow, running out of summer so I will just cruise for a while and then get in to the mechanical side of this.
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