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Re: 1988 gta 5.7

Originally Posted by JonBlake View Post
When someone posts something for sale, they should at least do so during a time when they are going to be active on the forum that it's being advertised/posted on. Isn't that just common sense, or are there sellers out there who say they'll post something for sale and check on it in a month?

I posted my question 4 days back. Still......nothing. Maybe in your book that acceptable.
Being a Manager my job and my family was more important than selling the GTA. Life happens. I kept trying to get a hold of seller in MN that had the GTA I wanted (89 5.7 ttop black on gold with black crosslaces and 40K) . I even had his email and had emailed with him before but when I was ready to buy there was no reply. He was military and was away when I was ready and I had found my 5-speed while I was waiting. He was apologetic and lost the sale and I was a little sad but got the better deal. his lic plate was 1badgta.. wonder where I got my nick...?

Captain1 - nice GTA man. more pics would be great even for those of us not buying!
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