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Re: Bad vibration when down shifting

Originally Posted by MunsonGTA
car looks great, definitely get an adjustable panhard bar. if that doesn't fix the vibration, which i don't think it will, i'd look into the torque converter also. sounds like it might have an issue when it's locking up, or it might have become unbalanced.
Thanks Munson. Could you tell me...if the car is up on jackstands, then the mechanic would EXTEND the length of the panhard bar to "move" the body to the right, correct? The car does pull to the right, and a REAL GOOD front-end man said that the alignment was PERFECT...could the offset in the rear cause the pull to the right?

As far as the torque converter is concerned, any suggestions as to the best unit to buy, and how much is involved, approximate cost for labor, etc... It would be worth the cost... I feel lucky to have found it, 64,000 miles, full Pontiac and SLP options, nice paint.
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