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Re: Bad vibration when down shifting

Originally Posted by Fred91GTA
How much is your car lowered? Mine is lowerd about an inch from stock using the Eibach Pro Kit. Crouch behind your car and look at the rear wheels. Does one side stick out more than the other? Or are they in the wheelwell at the same depth?

I got the adjustable one to center my rear end as well as the lower control arm relocation brackets. I just wanted the correct geometry for my rear suspension. If you have the stock panhard bar on a lowered car, it could make a significant difference in the rear suspension geometry. Not to mention that it's a weak piece and bends readily under load.

Also, how many miles are on your car and when did you buy it? I could've sworn I saw a red 91 GTA with the SLP Package that was lowered for sale on

I installed my panhard bar with the car parked on a New York City Street on jackstands with traffic passing by every minute.
Yep, that's the one. Bought it from a guy in Washington state. Nice car. I'm hurtin though because the vibration is the only thing wrong about the car. I'll take a look at the tire clearance in a bit.

The panhard bar on the car now is the SLP option, the same one that Spohn sells. Set length, no adjustment. I do have the control arms, in fact most of the car has the SLP options, including the exhaust, runners, etc.

I guess my question is: Can a set-length panhard bar, installed on a car that has been lowered to about 8 inches off the pavement cause a vibration when down-shifting at low rpm, as well as when entering the higher gears on higher acceleration?
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