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Re: Bad vibration when down shifting

Originally Posted by Fred91GTA
Well the adjustable panhard bars are there to correct the alignment of the rear end when the car is lowered. Using the stock length panhard bar on a lowered car would make the rear end sit more to one side.

Hmm... as for the vibration issue, I've never had that problem before. I also have an SLP GTA. Sorry I can't be of any help there. I was having several problems with vibration and clunking when putting the tranny in gear when I first got the car, but I replaced all the mounts and had the U-joints replaced all at the same time along with having someone check and balance the driveshaft. After all that and a couple of hundred bucks later, The car was as tight as a brand new 4th gen.
YES!! The car has been lowered. It sits about 8 or 9 inches off the road. Does that mean that I need to get an adjustable panhard bar? Does a mechanic normally know how to adjust a panhard bar?
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