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Re: EGR valve

Originally Posted by YumikoGTA View Post
I have a 1987 GTA with the 350 engine and in my situation when the EGR valve stay open, it will overheat, but it also made the service engine soon light turn on. But also remember that when this happened to my GTA, it was completely original.

In my GTAs situation, the mechanic that changed the head gaskets in 1993 forgot to reconnect the temperature sensor wire that comes from the sensor on the EGR valve. So I do not know the exact specific information, but the computer would keep the EGR valve open because it was not receiving the correct temperature reading from the sensor, since it was not connected. My engine would be hot during this time. I took many photographs of the engine before the mechanic did this work and so I reviewed all of them and discovered that this wire was not properly connected. So after reconnecting it my self, the engine started to run cooler and the service engine soon light stopped coming on when the engine would get at a specific temperature.

Now you must understand that this is the way it is designed while it is in the original configuration from the GM factory. Since there are many things about your GTA that have been altered, it may be a different situation in your case. My GTAs entire smog system was correctly installed. Your GTA is not the same so I would not know about your situation. Good luck.

ahh i see. i was just exploring a possible cause for running hot (pointer on the digital temp gauge reads 3/4 up the gauge
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