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Re: EGR valve

EGR pulls exhaust gasses from the crossover ports in the heads.
It should have a temp sensor (black wire) and a vac line.

If it's not working it will throw a code, I can't recall which one at the moment.

The tube on your catalytic converter is for clean air to be pushed into it during start up from the A.I.R. system. By putting clean air into the catalytic converter, it will heat up faster and allow it to burn off/convert the exhaust gasses properly.

By having it capped off, you probably dont have the AIR system(smog equipment). If your manifolds/headers dont have little tubes coming off them, you more than likely do not have it hooked up or installed anymore.

I can't say that it runs hotter or cooler when it's operating other than it is used for emissions purposes mostly.
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