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Talking Re: 1989 GTA won't start. Help!!!

Oh boy...this could be a lot of things.

I've dealt with bad a ECM, ground, fuel, and spark. I've saw ignition modules check good, work fine when motor was cold, and then no spark when car was at temperature. Fuel pressure regulator-wouldn't keep pressure up when motor was hot. ECM that got hot after a few minutes of run time. Loose connections...

When you've exhausted all the easy stuff to check, it's time to dig deeper. That's where it gets exhausting.

Have you checked the ohms of the injectors? Are they stock? When were they cleaned last (taken out of manifold and professionally done, not a can of 'injector cleaner' from the Zone)? Bad injectors will do exactly as you described...check them cold and hot for ohms. Replace if in doubt.

What did you use to clean the MAF? Are the the small thin wires intact? A bad MAF sensor, at least the ones I've dealt with, allows the car to start but it runs like crap. Usually not an issue with hot starting either.

What's the history of the motor? stock or rebuilt? If rebuilt, what parts? Did the shop/guy know what he was doing? Not trying to be insulting here, but I've saw some interesting stuff in the past...

Again, don't mean to insult your intelligence, just a few quick thoughts that come to mind...
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