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Re: Silicone Molded Radiator Hoses

Well, you got me beat on some of the originality. I still have my original wires. They are in a box with my original exhaust manifolds and Alternator and crank pulleys. Plugs were shot because of bad injectors so both of those replaced. Cap and rotor look original but aren't because I thought they were part of my running rough problem (see bad injectors lol). I actually took my alternator off and took it to a place to rebuild it because for whatever reason, I wanted to keep that original....not sure why. Heck, I am only on my second set of tires lol.

As far as wanting something with 100K miles and driving it more............I will take my chances LOL!!

If I drove mine to the Nationals, I'd probably sell it there and fly home. Its a 9 hour trailering experience from my casa.

1991 Bright Red GTA...1st place Light Modified Class 2009 & 2014 TA Nationals
41,xxx original miles as of 4/18

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