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Re: Paying the premium for the top GTA's

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Thanks for the replies. This will be my weekend toy not a daily driver. I am dead set on a GTA as it was my favourite car in high school back in the 80's. Finding a low mile clean one is rough. Being a short production like everyone knows makes this tough. I ran across this beautiful GTA with only 85k km's. The history of it is quite interesting. A rich businessman bought it and crossed off every box you can for the GTA as well it has the euro mirrors which is super rare. He sold it to the current owner who is retired with many muscle cars in his collection in a heated garage for 15 years. The oil pumped failed 15 years ago and caused a engine knock and has sat since. He's asking $6500 firm but not sure i want to put up that kind of money with all the unknowns for a car sitting that long with a engine that needs rebuilding or replaced. Here is the ad with pictures. For my own protection i left out the phone number and info as im considering it. Whats everyone opinion on this interesting find.

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I don't know about that 177 # as I tried to order my GTA with 5.7L and T-tops prior to delivery and was told by my dealer,that configuration was NA. I ordered everything on mine except the digital dash and power antenna. I have the Bose stereo but the subwoofer was NA also. I would have to look at my sticker which is filed away, to see how mine was optioned, but I remember the price was 21+k and I had the salesman sign my order @ the then quoted price of 19.7K which is what the dealer had to sell the car for. At the time I ordered it,The dealer really didn't know if the car would be built. My car was built Jan 1987

If it was me I would probably buy this car,but I'm sure it is Canadian. Can the buyer provide good providence? 85,000 miles hmmmm offer him 5500

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