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Re: weathertech interior floor mats ????

The problem with the floor pans corroding is 2 fold, neither one has to do with water from your feet.

To answer your question first, the weathertech floor mats are awesome.
they do keep water and such away from your pant leg and do keep that water from getting to your carpet.
Keep in mind you do have to empty these floor mats,
without spilling them onto the carpet. (A WetVac is so helpful at this)

The corroded floor pans are a combination of cracked seam sealer and/or a prolonged leak into the interior behind the carpet.

In later years (87 and up) GM rubber coated the backside of their carpet, which held the water away from the insulation pad underneath the carpet.
I have had several 3rd gens that i have emptied water from the back seat area and the floor pan has stayed dry.
If there is a tear in the carpet, then the water will get into the insulation.
The insulation acts as a sponge, and over a prolonged period of time will rust through the floor pan.
(ie: t-top leakage, heater core, clogged a/c evaporator drain, door hinges, etc.)
Once water can come into the interior from a rust hole in the floor, it keeps that sponge wet.
If you are from a northern state that salts it's road during the winter,
some of that salt will still remain on the roads in early spring, keeping that sponge wet with salt water.

The seam sealer or body caulk used on ALL 3rd gens will crack and break.
Our cars were not supposed to last this long, so GM had hoped.
Since this is used on all the seams of metal, that GM did not etch prime before spot welding, water will get into these areas and corrode.
There is a seam just to the left side of the front driver's side floor pan that has a tendandcy to corrode.
I have several pictures of 3rd gen rust prone areas, from several 3rd gens and their causes.

As I stated, The Weathertech floor mats are awesome, I was very pleased with the one's I had in a previous Jeep.
I hope you are happy with your purchase.
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