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New Leather Hides

Sooooo... my '91 Trans Am GTA is currently in the process of getting a complete makeover. It's currently in the body shop getting a new black paint job, and I'll start on the interior as soon as I get the car back... hopefully in the next 3 weeks. The current interior color is black. I love black interiors, but I also have a very deep passion for black cars with tan interior. Needless to say, I'm changing the interior in my car to '88 - '91 Beechwood tan.

I purchased all of the plastic panels and seats needed for this transformation over a year ago. I've already purchased brand new carpets, and I just received my new leather skins from Katzkin. I'll start shopping around next week for a quality upholstery shop to do the leather swap for me. Anyhoooo... here's a crappy photo I took of them a little while ago.

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