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Re: code 34 and 36 diagnostics...

so i pulled the relays, the burnoff relay has been "repaired" before somebody cut the wires short and actually put them on the mail connector with about 3/4" of bare wire exposed on 3 of the 5 wires and they are all loose and needless to say the male and female part of the connector relay are melted. I hope this didnt fry my maf. My next obstacle is trying to find the male connector.
Gm has it, 88 bucks, relay is 25 they are both oval now and mine is square. im not gonna mess with wreckers. too much time trying to find it. All the male connector plugs i can find online like at tpi parts are square and only 4 wires. what to do....
i ordered a napa one its square, now i need to find a male 5 pin connector i can splice in but the only ones i see online are oval, any ideas?... dont know if i will pick it up or not. just might take the plunge and spend the $ at gm and pray that my maf is still alright.
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