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Re: code 34 and 36 diagnostics...

Originally Posted by street_carnage View Post
first i will actually inspect the maf for broken wires, damage etc. Note that i have a cold air intake which only fits with the maf unbolted from the mount so it could possibly be damaged right?
I pulled out my Helmes manual for 1988 and when looking at code 34, the first line says: "to check for loose or damaged air duct between MAF sensor and throttle body". Depending on what you have to do with the mount for your CAI, that could do it. From the manual, code 34 is due to low, rough, unstable or incorrect idle problem. To test, disconnect the MAF sensor. If the idle improves, replace the MAF sensor.

For code 36, if you have a wiring diagram, ground CKT 900 (blk wire) to the ECM (use a jumper wire at ECM connector "D12"). If the test light is dim, check for corroded or faulty connections. If okay, replace the relay.

Hope that helps for starters.

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