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code 34 and 36 diagnostics...

hey guys, first post on this site im usually over at so ill introduce myself. Im a proud owner of an 89 gta l98 with 90,000km from calgary, alberta, canada. Pretty sweet ive only seen 1 other gta on the road here.

maybe you can help me. Car is stalling while driving and at startup occasionally. Fuel economy has gotten worse. Smells rich when trying to stall while driving. throwing code 34 and 36. got bad today when i could barely make it home but now its running fine again but the ses light is still on.

its pissing out rain so im not working on it tonight, but getting everything in order for when i do.

first i will actually inspect the maf for broken wires, damage etc. Note that i have a cold air intake which only fits with the maf unbolted from the mount so it could possibly be damaged right?

if the maf looks ok visually. i will replace the maf burn off and power relays, reset ecm and check. And i will check the TB and all hoses etc. for vacuum leaks. Oh, and what about the fuel pump usually primes...

Just to be sure i will check/adjust TPS and iAC

Any other advice? im pretty new to TPI ive always had carbs in my third gens.

1 other thing, are napa etc. relays really that bad, should i really pay 2x more for gm relays?

thanks guys, i hope you can help.
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