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Re: so I've accidentally stumbled across a gta

Originally Posted by FearThisGTA View Post
Well, I hope all works out for you. As for the hood, btw, the Formula's had a cowl hood, sortta, but it was/ is off to one side. I have seen several with them on there and they look good. An added feature of the Formy hood, is the cover at the inlet of the cowl. It is removable and allows for the hot air to vent out from under the hood. Results= a cooler engine.
About the hood, this reminds me of when I first came to America in 1986, very shortly before 1987. One of my classmates had a 1984 (I think that was the year of it) Trans Am. It had that hood that you are mentioning that goes to the direction to one side - towards the drivers side (I think as I remember it).

So when he would push the gas peddle down to a certain amount, there was some sort of actuator I think it may have been controlled with a vaccume hose maybe, but it would cause this sort of door or vent pannel to open up. Do you understand what I am saying?

I will look for one on the internet and if I can find it, I will post it. But I do remember that little vent opening up when the gas was pressed down a certain amount while we were driving.

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