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Re: so I've accidentally stumbled across a gta

I love old cars and as the owner of a lifted 89' ford bronco with about 20k invested in it I'm well aware of all the down falls (not to mention I owned a 71 chevy truck for about 8 years prior). I was looking for something newer but still a sports car (looked at a 98 mustang and a 95 firebird).... I'm a mother but not quite ready for a mini van (and never will be)

Here is some drama for ya .... The guy we are buying it from was letting his son drive this car and took the keys from him the day before we came to look at it because he said the kid wasnt taking proper care of it. Welllllll that pissed the kid off I guess because lastnight the kid STOLE it. His father seems to think that he will return it any moment or get caught by the police (was reported stolen as soon as he took it)... hopefully without any damage.

I know that sounds unbelievable ... true story tho. Keep your fingers crossed

Edit: no pictures yet It was suppose to be delivered today but recieved that ugly phone call instead. I guess I jinxed it.

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