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Re: so I've accidentally stumbled across a gta

If you love the car and UNDERSTAND that it is an older car that will need more upkeep, then congratulations on your find! You got a nice car for a great price!

As long as you understand that, you'll be fine. I know it seems like everyone is being really DISCOURAGING, but I think they just want to make sure you understand that a 20 year old car is going to need more upkeep and parts are harder to find. We don't want YOU to get sucker-punched and we all love these GTAs so much that we want to make sure they're cared for properly. If you truly love the car and can keep it up, we're ALL happy for you.

The new motor will go a long way towards that upkeep. Get a Hawks spoiler...I have one and it's fantastic and looks identical to the original. You'll have to wait probably two months for it, but they're worth it. My body shop said it's the nicest one he's worked with...and he's done a LOT of cars.

Now...let's see some pics of this pretty Bird.
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