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Re: so I've accidentally stumbled across a gta

I personally do not think that this car is good for you. It seems that perhaps you are interested to buy it because of the price. If that is accurate, if/when the time comes that something needs to be worked on or fixed/replaced, you will probably not be happy and have very little patience with it, getting frustrated and end up want to get of it.

One thing I learned from owning my own GTA since 1987 and being an active member on this GTA board since 2001 is, you really either need to love these GTAs with a lot of passions will not work for you and you will be one of the people who get frustrated with the GTA and get rid of it, and regret having gotten it in the first place.

So I say if you are just buying this GTA simply because the buying price is convinient, I think you should pass on it and get something that you really want and love to get.

Love like you have never been hurt before.

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